Purchase ImageResize4J

Here you can purchase the licenses by placing an order via the well-known and highly-trusted registration service provider PayPro. PayPro offers a variety of payment options: MasterCard, Visa, EuroCard, American Express, Discover/Novus, Diners Club, JCB, US$ Checks, Eurochecks, Wire Transfers, Purchase Orders and PayPal. Payments also can be made Online, by Fax, by Mail or by Phone.

Ordering gives you:

  • Full version of the ImageResize4J library without restrictions
  • Perpetual free bugs fixing
  • Free 12 months of technical support via e-mail
  • Free 12 months of major and minor updates
  • Significant discounts on new java imaging products and services

You can buy the ImageResize4J on a per JVM instance (no limit in term of CPU) or buy directly the Site or Enterprise License Packs. Each JVM Runtime License is for a single JVM instance in a production environment. That means if you run one JVM instance on a dual CPU box, only one JVM Runtime license is required. But, if you run a single JVM instance on each node in a cluster configuration, then multiple JVM Runtime licenses are necessary.

License Price  
JVM Runtime License Pack 1 $150.00 [Order Now]
JVM Runtime License Pack 2 $250.00 [Order Now]
JVM Runtime License Pack 5 $500.00 [Order Now]
JVM Runtime License Pack 10 $750.00 [Order Now]
JVM Runtime Site License Pack
(unlimited run at a single geographic site of a single company or organization)
$1000.00 [Order Now]
JVM Runtime Enterprise License Pack
(unlimited run throughout a single company or organization on a worldwide basis)
$2000.00 [Order Now]

Please contact us at sales@imageresize4j.com if you are interested in any other licenses such as Middleware or OEM.