ImageResize4J Support

For technical questions and bug reports, please send email to Please include additional information such as your platform environment (OS, JDK/JRE version, etc.) and steps to recreate the problem (examples source code, etc.)

! Questions are answered usually within 24 hours (Monday through Friday CEST).

What is the ImageResize4J?

ImageResize4J is a Java class library for high-quality image resize and scaling. It offers 24 interpolation filters included such well-known as Bilinear, Bicubic, Lanczos3 or Hamming and some unique interpolation filter families such as Ideal or Sharp. ImageResize4J provides full support for Java2D-based and JAI-based solutions.


How is the ImageResize4J licensed?

ImageResize4J is licensed on a per JVM instance (no limit in term of CPU). One JVM Runtime License allows to distribute and install(deploy) the ImageResize4J on one Java Virtual machine per license. These licenses are transferable to customers or other third parties, which means that if the customer or other third party acquires a certain number of licenses for the ImageResize4J software-based applications from the licensee, the respective number of runtime licenses are transferred to the customer.
!: Under this license you can deploy any (web or client) ImageResize4J-based applications to any platform (desktop or server).

  • one JVM Runtime License per single application deployment on a single desktop or notebook computer;
  • one JVM Runtime License per single web application if it is run within a single JVM (private JVM);
  • one JVM Runtime License per plenty of web applications if they all are run within a single JVM (shared JVM).


When do I receive my purchased full version?

After ordering a new ImageResize4J customer account will be created. This account allows you to access the private download area on this site to download the ImageResize4J full version and free updates within the 12 months. Please make sure to include a valid e-mail address with your order.


When do I need Middleware License?

The term "middleware" applies to software products which are developed for use by third-parties (companies and individuals that are separate legal entities and not part of the company, that buys Deployment licenses) for creation of third-party's software products and which are included as a part of third-party's software products. This includes, but is not limited by, Java class libraries, ActiveX objects, .NET assemblies, Delphi components, Dynamic-Link Libraries, Shared Objects etc.
Middleware License is needed when you develop some middleware or other code-reuse solution for third-party developers and plan to use the Gif4J Library as part of this solution. If you create an application (even for use by other developers), you can use regular runtime license. If you are not sure whether your project falls under Middleware License, please contact us to request assistance.


How to install the ImageResize4J?

Just import the imageresize4j jar file into your development environment, or add the file to your CLASSPATH.


What is ImageResize4J upgrade policy?

Each JVM Runtime License Pack comes with 12 months of free upgrades and perpetual free bug fixing.